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Ricoh Imaging has officially announced the Pentax KP, the latest high-performance APS-C DSLR camera with a focus on compactness. The KP boasts an all-new body design with interchangeable hand grips in three different sizes, new e-dial positions, and an updated user interface.
Moreover, the KP is designed to deliver the best available image quality within the APS-C format: it packs a new 24.32 megapixel APS-C sensor with ISOs up to 819,200 thanks in part to an "image accelerator unit" coupled with the PRIME IV image processor. In addition, the KP inherits 5-axis Shake Reduction II from the Pentax K-1 flagship. While the mechanical shutter is limited to 1/6000s, the shutter speed can be increased to 1/24000s in live view. Finally, the camera has received some intriguing new functions, such as depth of field (aperture) and motion (shutter speed) bracketing.
To recap, some of the KP's new features include:
Depth of field bracketing, something that macro shooters in particular will appreciate
Motion bracketing
Electronic shutter topping out at 1/24,000s
Very high ISO

Read more at: ... z4Wsx1g2fi

50 CAD для хорошего человека от банка Tangerine.
Смелее, друзья. :)

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