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 Заголовок сообщения: What caused Ukraine to lose Crimea
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Crimea was attached to Ukraine by top-down decision in 1954. It was not their choice, and they never tried to “become like Ukrainians”.
For majority of Crimeans their history and culture has more Russian than anything Ukrainian. No Ukrainian ever living, no Ukrainian organization ever existing was or is known for something great done for Crimea.

In poll of late 2000s Crimeans identified themselves mostly with Russian (~55%) or Soviet culture (~15%).
In elections 2012 all “pro-Ukrainian” parties combined got ~21.4% of Crimean votes.

In polls of 2013 overwhelming majority of Crimeans expressed their sympathy for Russia (much more than to EU or US), and for economic union with Russia.

Crimeans always chose something closer to their identity and values. Quite natural, if you ask me.
During the years of independence Ukraine developed into bad system with greedy corrupt oligarchs and lunatics at top who don’t care about needs of ordinary citizens, even less Crimeans.

Negligence. You can find this word in interviews of Crimeans talking about their past in Ukraine. Crimea never got any big investment from Ukraine.
3 previous points put Crimeans at odds with Ukrainian nationalists. Those wanted Ukraine to become “true national” state with history rewritten, streets and cities renamed, “anti-national” parties and organizations and views banned and penalized (what they actually doing after the coup of 2014).

Tatar issues. Every Crimean who I spoke to expressed some concerns about Crimean Tatars. On one hand it was caused by Tatar illegal land squatting, on other by fear of Islam and Tatar revanchism. There are Tatar leaders who associate themselves with Ukrainian nationalism, they hoped that will give them power over Russian majority, and, naturally, majority doesn’t want it.
Economy. The collapse of the Soviet Union brought 10-years long depression which had many facilities destroyed and jobs gone. Not long after the depression, under pro-Western mismanagement of “pro-Ukrainian” Yushchenko, Ukraine started to amass debts to fund consumption and mortgage bubble, in the same time maintaining fixed exchange rate. In 2008 the bubble finally busted, what hit many-many people. Yushchenko was considered “first really pro-Ukrainian president”, so that worsened attitude of Crimeans to “pro-Ukrainian”.

Incomes and salaries in Ukraine where way lower than in Russia.
Negligence, mismanagement and crisis led Ukrainian pro-Western to defeat on elections 2010 and 2012. But instead of fixing their policies into something at leas normal they decided to demonize those who voted for their opponents, including Crimeans.
In the course of the coup of 2014 there were cases where Ukrainian pro-Western beat or stabbed their opponents for no good reason, in the last days of the coup 3 police officers from Crimea were killed, other police officers were killed, also party of Crimeans was assaulted and beaten by violent coup supporters (that was dubbed Korsun pogrom)

So, seeing chance to part with those who neglected them and started to beat and kill them, Crimeans used it or not resisted it. There was nothing good for majority of Crimeans in all the years of Ukrainian independence.

Most people who say that “Putin did it” never acknowledge the issues that led to it and never mention that majority of Crimeans had no good motives to stay in Ukraine.

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 Заголовок сообщения: Re: What caused Ukraine to lose Crimea
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